Cool site

“Omnipelagos finds the shortest paths between any two things”

For example, there is a link between Smegma and Ann Coulter:


[Smegma among humans] edema. Adherence of the foreskin to the inflamed and edematous glans penis is one cause of phimosis [4]

incidence reports and widely varying post-neonatal circumcision rates reflect looseness in the diagnostic

[Reasons for circumcision / Religious and cultural circumcision] a set of texts explaining Islamic law that most Muslims view as authoritative. Most Muslims believe that

[Freedom of Speech / Domestic justice] many Westerners can be driven into attitudes reminiscent of, or actually partaking in, Islamophobia

[Examples of Islamophobia] Ann Coulter: “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

Ann Coulter

Oddly, as discovered by Jon, there is no link between butt and crack, though it should be obvious.


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