Strange hamster anime

A bizarre anime finding from Clint, entitled “Oruchuban Ebichu”, is described thusly:

An anime that is severly ecchi, about a hamster named Ebichu. She is the housekeeper of “Office Lady”‘s apartment (whom she addresses as “Goshujin-sama”, which means owner-master) and has a weird knack for having sexual psychic thoughts. Her owner’s boyfriend is named “Kaishounachi” which literally means “worthless”. (link)

More shocking is when Ebichu gets violently smashed, stompped, etc. into a bloody pulp by her owner. Her owner is in her 30’s and in a relationship with a man who’s name means “worthless” and he lives up to that name by sleeping around. Of course she doesn’t want to be told the truth, so Ebichu is going to be violently beaten for being told this and for all sorts of other offences.

Click here for the official site (Not safe for work!)

South Park might be rendered tame by comparison!


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